Note the triangle frame overlaying the content, this scrolls in an opposite direction to the content, creating a parallax effect. The client has the ability to upload any number of videos to the homepage.

For the coaches section, a little interactivity was added to accommodate the extensive content.

When a coach "sliver" is clicked, they slide out of view.

The coach's bio is revealed, as well as navigation arrows for viewing the other coaches' bios or returning the "sliver" layout.

This site also included a panoview.

Columbia University Website

02/2015 - Bluechip Athletics Solutions LLC - Ninja Multimedia

Lead Developer

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This site was created for Bluechip Athletic Solution's client Columbia University's athletic program. Designed by David Craig, the app combines a dark theme, slick animations, and a very unique content sliding behavior. The biggest challenge was the reverse scrolling-- almost parallax-- effect David had envisioned. The end result is very cool!