The app opens on a simple listing of recent videos.

Article detail video.

The side menu contains links to the various categories as well as the search tool and favorites.

Searching for videos on a certain topic is really easy.

Users can create their own playlists-- these are stored in the cloud and retrievable across installations.

Alpha M App

08/2014 - I Am Alpha M LLC

Lead Developer

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Categories:  App  Content First  Cordova/Phonegap  Featured  HTML5  Ionic  Javascript  Mobile  Wordpress  YouTube

Expanding on the I Am Alpha M website, the app provides the perfect mobile access to the site's content in a simple and feature-rich experience. The user can catch up with the latest videos, create their own favorite playlists, and search for videos, all from the palm of their hands. The app also allows for integrated ads that are customizable and managed from a Wordpress CMS.