The homepage features the latest content, a couple products on sale, some dynamic promotional blocks, and some premium ad space.

The secondary featured area continues the thread; highlighting some cherry-picked content and advertising.

Tertiary content on the homepage consists of a blog-roll of the latest content. Little known secret: the right hand column will always display a promoted video, if one exists-- this lets us keep a piece of content on the homepage longer than normal.

The products are presented in a beautifully laid out theme.

Each product normally has a video related to it-- this has been key to conversion.

On the product page, you can see related topics and related products-- suggestions based on a category relational system managed on an individual product/post basis.

I Am Alpha M Website

12/2013 - I Am Alpha M LLC

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This site combines both Wordpress and Magento in a powerhouse that leverages the strengths of each platform: Wordpress for regular content delivery, and Magento for a robust e-commerce platform. The content also mingles together- articles point to products and vice versa. The site has grown so much since launch, that we're regular updating it and tweaking its layout-- thankfully it was built using responsive web design from the ground-up, so that's never been too much of a problem. The sheer amount of work that went into this site makes it one that I am very proud of.